Saturday, December 6, 2008

Snow Flurries Hurry

The webcam shows snow falling this past week. Nothing stuck but it sure was pretty in its falling!

What happened last Sat. night? Oh, I remember now - we were in Indiana. Seems like EONS ago. Well, here it is Sat. night again, so at least, late as it is folk, I'll be keeping to the schedule THIS week.

So we travelled up to Indiana last Wednesday. The girls chit-chatted, then H got to stretch out on the back bench seat and catch some shut eye while C amused herself one way or another. We got to G&J at 4:30pm and shortly thereafter the sun least it seemed that way. They have a cozy house and have worked hard to make it air-tight and have built a monster furnace to keep it warm. The house was built in 1900, and though a bit rickety, has a lot of character. One main challenge is to keep it from falling down... Nice for them, it's close to G's work.

 G doing some work on the side of the old house

Here G shows S and M around the machines -

and close to Ry's school. A short commute is worth a LOT.

We had a lovely Th'sgiving on Thursday with all the immediate US family there. We had a wonderful time, G&J - thanks for putting us all up so comfortably and feeding us so well.

Here are M and A, down from Painesville, Ohio (on Lake Erie). It was good to catch up on the newlyweds.

We missed having the now "British" family with us but yay for them, brother R has a job (as mentioned) and they've rented a flat in London - one bedroom, but near work and affordable. Salaries don't seem all that huge in the UK - for one thing, I think they expect both spouses to work full time. C can't work due to not having a work permit yet, but that's in the works...

We drove back on Sunday - in the cold, pouring rain all the way. Nevertheless, thank God, got home safely.

Tuesday was the "Christmas on the Promenade" where C played the Christmas Medley 3x's in the youth orchestra with a 10 minute break between. It was frigidly cold so the little breaks were a lifesaving respite - see the little finger mittens someone lent us? She was very psyched about the whole deal but not so excited when she learned she had missed the Christmas tree lighting and all the other events due to her being part of the programme. For that reason, she's not going to be IN the Christmas parade tomorrow! One learns these things by experience...

Today was a big Adventurer Sabbath. They got to march in in both services and do special music, wear their uniforms etc.

It is now 10:24pm and I'm exhausted. We have an early cello lesson tomorrow morning at 8:30am....(update: later changed to 9:45)

We've had a visitor on our backporch lately. Here he is looking cheeky while he bides his time for some cat food!

I have some exciting things to share about the Sanctuary - hopefully next time - but I know better than to promise anything!

Have a happy, safe and peaceful week.

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