Sunday, September 26, 2010

Goodbye to Erika Swoboda

Mrs Erika Swoboda lost her battle with cancer a week ago.  She was a very special person who lived a full life of giving to others.  She helped the down- and- out; the under-privileged; the outcasts of society.  A refugee from Poland in the 1940's and the oldest child of 14, she triumphed through many hardships, including cancer, which finally took her life on September 18.  Here are a few photos of her memorial service today.
Also an artist, this is a self-portrait at age 21.
More of her paintings in the foyer.

Two of her music students.

Some photos of her early life

Before the service
She loved to teach.  Music, art, anything she could!  You can also see her in action in an earlier blog....not sure of the date. (checked, and its in the April 11, 2008 one).  Most of all, she was devoted to equipping her Downs' syndrome daughter with the skills of life, skills which she now will put into action as she moves into an apartment on her own.

Thank you, Mrs Swoboda, for all you did for us and many others!  We'll see you again on Resurrection morning!  May you rest in peace!

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