Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Second field trip of the year

Our second field trip of the year was to the Chattanooga Zoo.  A little gem of a place that has grown and changed in the last 20 years to something unrecognizable from its stark and grim beginning. I'm especially impressed with the effort to create beautiful natural habitats for all the animals...they're not 100% there yet but definitely heading well in that direction.
About to start the journey. Two little girls in their natural habitat!
Largest type of rodent in the world, the Capybara.
Some type of spider monkey
Coati (co-AH-ti) snuffling around looking for bugs
Two male jaguar. Click on the link below to see them playing.

Some kind of collared Tamarin.  These are amazingly smart, observant little monkeys.  They immediately noticed a big bandage around my finger (cut it earlier this morning) and looked at it most curiously. They must have thought I was a related species to humans but not quite the same! (that might be true....)
Chimpanzees bonding
A couple monkeys from Asia, eating Crepe Myrtle which that one stole from through the fence. Click on the link below to watch him do it.

The Monkey Stealing

Great Horned Owl
Nicely coiled up like a hose pipe.
A treat of a carousel ride at the end after a picnic lunch.
And a lovely day was had by all. The end!

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