Sunday, September 12, 2010

A weekend of super-duper redneck camping fun!

With summer fast coming to an end, and the waning-fun alert meter furiously ticking, we decided to go camping this past weekend.  Brother R says it was Jackson Island.  The map says Wolf Creek.  But hey, he got the name from the locals - and who does one trust in matters as weighty as this?  The locals, of course!  No matter that it was NOT an island, but a peninsula!  There is no running water, no electricity, and only porta-potties for ablutions. Kinda like drive-in wilderness camping - redneck heaven!

Here are some pics of our wonderful weekend. It was mostly very peaceful and we were far enough away from the country music coming from various campsites.  On Sat. night, though, we heard, loud and clear, a country music concert and hotrod races wafting across the water from somewhere??

The weather was glorious - cool and dry mornings and evenings with warm, sunny, breezy days.
We camped on the tip of the peninsula
The sun coming up on Sabbath morning
Enjoying the fire on a cool morning
Hanging around
The kids found a baby snapping turtle - and I mean BABY.  This one is about an inch long.
That long neck gives him away
Never mind the snapping turtles, the kids have fun on the lake
Soaking up the sun on a lazy afternoon
Caridee was so thrilled to have her own bed here.  She had a blast and especially enjoyed visiting and playing with some other canine friends.
Doughboys and roasted mielies - give it a try!
Truly delicious

And now for a taste of redneckville:
We saw a vehicle backing up toward the water.  Oops, someone is drunk and they're gonna end up in the water!  (The edge over here at the swing is about 10 feet up from the water - a cliff.)  Well, no, we see they're just going to use the car to stand on to make the rope swing a little higher!  Unfortunately I didn't catch a photo of them actually using the car although I did see it from a distance.  Interesting!

At about 11:30pm, seemingly in the dead of night, we hear two loud diesel vehicles huffing into camp.  After some shouting and manoevering around we hear tree branches cracking and snapping.  Someone found a resting place for their camper!  Whew, what a relief!
Can't leave the monster truck behind!  This is down the road a little.
A great assortment of vehicles and gear.  Most people did a lot of fishing and we all had a blast. As S says, you get what you pay for! (This campground was free).

Hope you enjoyed the tiny glimpse into the fascinating lives of us rednecks.  I could tell you more, such as about the icecream truck man who asked us if any TVA police had been by lately as they didn't like him driving around (shame!); and the TVA police coming around to check for alcohol, dogs on leashes (and of course, icecream trucks) etc...but I won't bore you with those details.

Happy Autumn!

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