Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Gory Story

Thanks to pine sap, this story ended in glory - as in, praise God it healed nicely! Story begins with a slice/stab on the right forefinger with scissors.  Moral: don't try to stab a tough plastic orange juice jug with scissors.

Cut was deep and 1 1/2 cm long. This is the day after the cut, I believe, maybe evening of the first day.
Out of focus second day
More in focus.  I can't emphasize enough the healing power of pine sap!  You can buy it in little bottles - I got it from a friend - not sure if it's available in regular pharmacies.

At the campground over the weekend. I don't think it likes camping (and I couldn't bring the pine sap along - it's in a broken bottle!)
Other than a small complication of (maybe) impetigo ('caught' by camping with no running water, swimming in a dirty lake, and having to use porta-potties, etc, last weekend) this has healed nicely in less than a week, and sensation is returning to normal after being numb in places for a while.  So, if you get any kind of cut, try pine sap.  It really works!

 Well healed a week or so later, but here a bit swollen after a naughty ant stung me!  There's a slight bump on the top side of the faint scar - hoping it will go away as it's more sensitive there.

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