Thursday, February 3, 2011

8th Field trip of the year - to the Chattanooga Aquarium

A nice freezing day to go see the penguins.  They were very active this morning.  Here are some pics of our day.

First, we visited Antarctica again.  As usual, it was a little chilly down there, but the penguins were friendly.

The next several photos are actually thumbnails of little movies so they may be out of focus for that reason. This is of the penguins swimming around.

A sand (?) shark looking around for something to eat.

This stingray looks friendly, doesn't it?

A tuna or something.

Uh-oh, is this glass strong enough for a shark attack?

Last picture before the get-away!!! AAAaaaah......

We were also privileged to visit a rainforest in South America somewhere.

This crab had the most fascinating little fins and fringes on myriads of protrusions from its back. And yes, it IS huge.

Two seahorses hugging each other.

Hey, we can breathe underwater! (And Nemo isn't lost - he's right there, with a friend too)

My twins really enjoyed the aquarium visit today. :-) Hope you did too.

Bye until next time!

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