Monday, February 21, 2011

Old Sturbridge Village (3)

A trip back to the 1830's America.  We spent a good bit of Wednesday here.  By the end of the day, the dirt paths were about 5 inches deep in MUD, as the temps warmed up.

Isn't this little maiden sweet? (Honey, I don't think you're dressed for the weather....)

A poor young farmer's house.  This fire was nice but it didn't really heat up the whole (tiny) house.

A richer farmer's house.  This is the parlor and the old piano was originally owned by the (Farnsworth?) family.

You can see the road's potential to muddy up, although these puddles are still ice - for the moment.

Looks like a pink elephant all right!

Another farmhouse kitchen.

Getting Lance and Henry yoked up.  Don't worry fellas, no actual plowing today!

Good old-fashioned fun sledding on the nearby slope.

A young lady gets ready for church (or something).

Looks like the picket fence is a bit low for the snow.
Well, after about 1pm, I couldn't take any more photos without deleting some others, so don't have any more (to speak of) of Sturbridge.  (Of course I could have walked to the car to get the second memory card....but as it was, we had to jog through the last part of town to make it to our "pick Daddy up appointment").

Other buildings in the village were the blacksmith's shop, cobbler, pottery shop, general store, meeting house, one room schoolhouse, farm, lawyer's office, tinsmith, mill, various barns, parsonage, printmaker, carpenter, cooper, tavern (restaurant), houses, cheese-maker and prolly a few other stops.

All said and done, we learned quite a bit about America in the 1830's!

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