Monday, February 21, 2011

Vermont countryside (5)

Friday afternoon after skiing and Sabbath morning, we drove around to look at some local Vermontian sights before we had to head on south.  Our friend lives in Waterbury Center, relatively near to Stowe. ("The hills are alive.....")

The modern way to do sugaring.

Sabbath morning it had snowed 2-3 inches more.  This is the view from our friend's house.

This is Zena, his Siberian Husky.  She's a real character.

Zena takes us for a walk.

20' temps and a strong wind make for rosy cheeks

The wind was howling on Sabbath morning.  The "mist" you see here is really blowing snow.

The little sign above the wreath warns horses to slow to a walk before crossing.

The little town of Stowe (I think). We had a warm spell and the rivers started to melt.

Another old, rickety covered bridge.

A popular place for ice-climbing.

Amazing designs as the ice melts.

Some people make ice towers in their yards.

Hurry little elephant - your family has already migrated south!

Yesterday we got a text from our friend - temps on the slopes were -7' at the top and 7' at the bottom.  Whew!  I'm glad we got to ski in 30' - 40' weather!

Thanks CK, we had a wonderful time!

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