Monday, February 21, 2011

An unexpected field trip (I)

to New England! So far we're having a great time.  On the way here we drove through busy Washington D.C. and then on through bustling New York City and now for the last couple days, returning to old Boston haunts, showing C some of the well-trodden paths.  Sobering to think that when I was a student here, those who are now students were then babes in arms! It truly does not feel like 20 years!  Please, someone tell me the last 20 years did not happen this fast.

Anyhoo, deep, slow breaths, all will be fine!

In D.C. we were lucky to find a parking spot on the mall directly in front of the White House.

Beautiful sunny day - but breezy and FRIGID!
Here's to you, Sasha and Malia!

C HAS grown, hasn't she? Now that she's as tall as the Washington Monument, how will I ever find clothes to fit?!

Breezing past the Capitol building...

  Of course, I think C was only interested in seeing the White House but still, we enjoyed the other monuments too.  Another stroke of luck was being there on the 12th Feb. - the 202nd anniversary of Lincoln's birth.
We just so happened to walk into the Lincoln Mem. about 10 mins before a program started, commemorating his birthday.

There was the presentation of colours, brass music and of course speeches, including one by the current mayor of D.C., Vincent Gray (who railed against the "taxation without representation" in his speech!)
The Honorable Vincent Gray, Mayor of the District of Columbia

Then it was up the coast.  Saw a sign for Fort McHenry so stopped in to see where the Star Spangled Banner was written and why.  Fascinating.  (Though I still think "America the Beautiful" would be a better anthem...I know, I'm very opinionated!)
Some interesting trivia at Fort McHenry

We're trying to....
The next day was on to New York City via a good New Jersey view of the Statue of Liberty (another must see for C).
Excuse me, Lady Liberty, could you turn around for a face shot?
It was a frigid day with a very brisk wind...but we made it.  Drove through the Holland Tunnel into town and did a loop or two through streets, over bridges and down alley canyons.  While in town got a call about another "grand" on the way! Yay.
One of many alley-canyons

Lots of the yellow cars.....

One of the NYC landmarks.

Entered Boston through the new-to-us underground freeways.  Up onto Storrow Drive - wow - totally different.  Glad all the "digging" is over for now, though.  Showed C the couple places we used to live,
On Peterborough Street

And, the Melrose house we "house-sat" for a very sweet old "snowbird" couple,(alas, no longer "whinnying with us".)
and our plot in the Victory Gardens, now covered in about 2 feet of snow and ice! Can't believe all the snow this year - everyone says a record year.

The next two days C and I rode the T and commuter rail into town to explore, and for a few lessons in Revolutionary war history.
Fanueil Hall (Prolly spelled it wrong)

Sitting under the Constitution....

A hero of times past, Paul Revere, with Old North church in the background.
This morning (Feb. 14?) the low was in the single digits, with a strong northwester!  We were glad for the extra woollens we'd brought along.  Still mountains of snow and ice to negotiate.

Look for continued adventures in another blog.

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