Friday, April 15, 2011

Some Prophecies regarding the end times

I know you've been waiting for something on last day prophecies! So here are some parables that Jesus told concerning the last days. I'll leave you to read the actual parables in the Bible, so here are the references: (The template used (with Red letters) is from Medical Missionary Press in NC). The blue font color explains the meaning of the symbols (as I see it, or as explained in the parable itself) used in the parables. Many of the parables have the explanation right there.

1. Matt. 25:1-13  The 10 virgins

Issue of Investigation: Did they have oil in their lamps to last them the whole night? (Holy Spirit - in another symbolic "story" in Zech, the oil represents God's Word)
Point of Division:   The bridegroom arrived (Jesus work {represented by the legal aspects of a marriage typical in the middle east} is over and he is coming to the feast)
Classes separated: Foolish vs. Wise (prepared vs unprepared)
Results of Separation: The foolish virgins were shut out of the banquet feast. (the unprepared will be shut out of eternal life)

2.  Matt 25:14-30  The use of "Talents"

Means of Investigation: What was done to invest the money given them. (What have we done with the light, means and talents God has given us)
Point of Division: The master returned and asked for an account (It will be "asked" what we have done with our "talents" - an accounting/a "judgment", so to speak)
Classes separated: Two who had doubled their talents and one who had buried it (2 classes - those who have invested their talents and those that did nothing).
Results of Separation: The latter was cast out into outer darkness, weeping and gnashing of teeth. (This group will be cast out of the running for heaven and must face eternal separation from God, with weeping and gnashing of teeth).

3.  Matt. 25:31-46  Sheep and Goats

Means of Investigation: Whether they were kind to people and showed love to them (sheep) or the opposite (goats).
Point of Division: An investigative court scene at the end to see if they had the above characteristics.
Classes Separated: Sheep/Goats (those who are loving and those who are not)
Results of Separation: Heaven or everlasting fire (everlasting separation brought about by destruction)

4.  Matt. 22:1-14  Marriage Feast invitation

Means of Investigation: Invitation to the feast and then checking on wedding garment (have we accepted God's invitation to the "feast" {eternal life}, and are we eligible for it by wearing the garment of Christ's Righteousness and not our own)
Point of Division: Whether they accepted the invitation; then whether they wore the garment provided. (We can accept God's invitation to eternal life, but then try to get there by our own inadequate righteousness)
Classes Separated: Accepted/not; Wore garment/did not.  (Accept invitation or not;  trusting in Christ's merits, or not. A quote from Christ's Object Lessons, p 310 says: It (the wedding garment) is the righteousness of Christ, His own unblemished character, that through faith is imparted to all who receive Him as their personal Saviour.)
Results of Separation: Those who refused invitation were not worthy to partake of the feast; those who didn't wear the provided garment were thrown into outer darkness. (Those who come trusting in their own merits are instead cast into outer darkness, and those who refuse the invitation are not included in the feasting /are not found worthy - note that it is by their own choice.)

5.  Matt. 13:24-30 and 37-43.  Wheat and Tares

Means of Investigation: At the end, dividing the wheat and tares (at the end, the division of the righteous and the wicked)
Point of Division: Harvest time (harvest of the righteous at the end of time)
Classes Separated: Wheat and tares. (the righteous and the wicked)
Results of Separation: Tares are thrown into the the furnace, wheat to the kingdom (the wicked are, as such, thrown into the furnace to be destroyed, and the righteous to God's kingdom)

6.  Matt. 13:47-50  Dragnet.

Means of Investigation: Sorting the good and bad fish/creatures (distinguishing between the worthy and the unworthy)
Point of Division: End of the harvesting (End of the world. Angels will sever the wicked from the just)
Classes Separated: good fish/bad fish (wicked/just)
Results of Separation: the bad were cast away and the good were kept (wicked cast into the furnace of fire).

7. Matt. 7:24-27 (Luke 6:46-49)  Foolish man/sand and wise man/rock

I'm going to continue next time when the sandman leaves me alone.....

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