Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring visits

'Tis the season for tornadoes, rain, new green, flowers,
allergies, and this year, inch worms.

Of the latter, we must be having an eruption. They're everywhere, hanging down from trees, just waiting to stick onto a passer-by, waving good-bye as they hitch a ride somewhere into the unknowns of inchworm land.  Cute, but destructive.  I hope the birds are having a feast!  Someone always benefits....That's the beauty of this world - it seems to balance out eventually.
A couple deer at Enterprise South nature park

Our Japanese maple
We had some visitors from Florida this past week.  They left this morning for Arkansas - hopefully missing some of the storms I see featured there today.  We had a good time with them. C and Grandma enjoy each other so much.  Too bad they live so far away...we always say.  But Grandpa loves his warm weather, counting each time he has to scrape frost off his windshield. "I had to scrape frost off 5 times this winter", he'll say.  That'll be a bad winter.  Usually they might do it only once or twice, I guess, who knows?  They live south of "Frostproof" but from time to time, that's a misnomer.

Enjoying supper with friends and family

Grandma did all of our mending!  Thank you Grandma!

C played "Gavotte" by David Popper, for Grandma
(It may or may not be on YouTube... I'll add it here if it is!)
Gavotte in D major by David Popper 

The obligatory first picture of the garden - still a lovely weed-free brown

We'll keep you updated, I'm sure!
Until next time, keep safe!

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