Sunday, April 17, 2011

Some Prophecies regarding the end times Part 2

Continuing on with the next endtime prophecy:

7. Matt 7:24-27 (also in Luke 6:46-49) Foolish man/house on sand; Wise man/house on rock

Means of Investigation: Did the house fall or stand? (Does the character stand the test of crisis {at the end of time}?)
Point of Division: The storm/rain.  (a coming crisis that will test character)
Classes separated: Foolish/wise (shaky character/firm character)
Results of separation: House fell or stood (character crumbles/fails, or it stands the test - being built on the "rock" which is Jesus)

8.  Matt 7:16-21  Fruit trees - good or corrupt.

Means of Investigation: Looking at the fruits (are we doing the will of the Father?)
Point of Division: Harvest time (time of the end)
Classes separated: Good fruit vs bad fruit (results of doing God's will or doing evil)
Results of separation: The bad trees are cut down and cast into the fire (the evil will be cast into the fire/rejected)

9. Mark 13:34-37  Man left on a journey and returned

Means of Investigation: The man returned and checked on his workers (Christ investigates those on the earth)
Point of Division: When he suddenly returned unexpectedly (Christ will "return" unexpectedly - His judgment will take many by surprise)
Classes separated: Servants who were sleeping and those watching and waiting (Some of his workers are found sleeping and some are watching, alert and waiting)
Results of Separation: No results given in these verses but assumption is - do not be found sleeping/not being aware of the lateness of time.

10. Luke 12:35-48  Wise stewards waiting for their Lord to return from the wedding.

Means of Investigation: The Lord returns from the wedding (Christ comes at an hour "we think not")
Point of Division: Found servants either faithful and ready, or merrymaking (Will Christ find us hard at work for his kingdom, or "merrymaking" with the world?)
Classes separated: Diligent vs slothful (those found diligently working for his kingdom vs those not caring to)
Results of separation: The slothful were beaten by many stripes (Those not working for his kingdom will be punished)

11. Luke 14:16-24  The great banquet

Means of Investigation: The invited ones refused the invitation (Those who are invited to God's kingdom but who refuse the invitation)
Point of Division: Those who made excuses were rejected for others (Those of us who refuse God's invitation will be passed over for others who will be eager to accept his invitation)
Classes separated: Those busy with worldly business and those poor, maimed, halt and blind - the outcasts among us (Sometimes it's the rich and worldly who don't have time for God, and those who are simple and poor are more ready to accept it fully)
Results of separation: Busy ones couldn't feast and celebrate with the man; those who accepted the invitation had a wonderful banquet to enjoy. (The feast represents heaven and God's reward - it is up to us to accept the invitation wholeheartedly and not with reservations and distractions that keep us from it)

12.  Rev. 14:6-14  The 3 angels' messages to the earth

Means of investigation: 3 angels give a warning to the earth (3 messages about the end time come to us through messengers sent from heaven)
Point of Division: The hour of judgment is coming, and has come. (God's hour of judgment is here NOW.  We must separate ourselves from "Babylon" - false Christianity/religion, and follow the Creator God now.)
Classes separated: Those who stay in Babylon vs those who "come out of her" (Those who stay in apostasy of false religion and those who come out and worship the true God, and don't receive the mark of false worship - of worshipping the "beast")
Results of separation: Will drink the wine of the wrath of God (God's wrath without mixture (or dilution) will be fire and brimstone (v.10) when all evil will be destroyed forever. On the other side are those saints who "keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus")

These are just 12 parables of the end times which warn us to be ready for Christ's coming - not only the second coming but his coming to judgment.  Remember, when Jesus comes, he brings his reward with him - people are already judged by then.  The investigation of the "sheep and goats" will happen just before he comes, at which time the separation will be made manifest. I hope you and I will heed these warnings and be ready for the sudden coming of the end.

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