Friday, January 20, 2012

Daniel 11

Daniel 11 is fascinating.  It seems to be one of the easiest prophetic chapters to interpret because it is so chronological and follows history until the present. Revelation, as you know, is written in a chiastic pattern and sometimes can be hard to follow.  For example, you're reading along about all the trumpets and suddenly at number six it stops and gives some other information before finally coming back to the 7th trumpet a chapter or more away!  Same with the seals, woes, angels and other things.

Last Sabbath I was able to attend a seminar on Daniel 11 and they gave us a hand-out.  I'll give you more details from that coming up - interesting stuff! 

I'll mention some basic principles regarding the interpretation of Daniel 11 here. (I'll see if I can remember some of the basic ones without running upstairs to get my notes....)

Although it speaks of the "King of the North" or "King of the South", these refer to various kings that come (attack) from the north or south - it isn't just one literal king.

Near the end of the chapter, it also refers to religio-political powers, not necessarily just a physical king or country.

When one king or kingdom is overthrown, it isn't mentioned again, and thus when continuing to speak of the "king of the north" (for example), it is now referring to the NEW king/kingdom.

The ultimate King of the North is Jesus, as is the King of the South - He is the King of Kings!  The ones mentioned in this chapter are "imposters" and "usurpers" to the real throne of God's kingdom, which only Jesus can claim.

OK, that's a teaser for the blog with all the details.  Get out your Bible and read Chapter 11 now to get that overview....

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