Thursday, January 5, 2012

EXISTENCE - Something instead of nothing (Part 1 in the series)

Have you ever wondered

*  about existence - the fact that there is something instead of nothing?

*  about the properties of the very first thing to exist?

*  about our relationship to nature and the "Infinite" behind it?

This most basic of all facts has within it implications which place us at the great divide between truth and error.


What if there had ever been absolutely nothing,

* no matter, energy, or forces of any kind?

If such a condition had ever existed there would still be nothing - absolutely nothing.

There would not even be a consciousness anywhere to know that there was nothing - forever and ever.

Therefore, since there is existence, we know that "something" must have always existed.

The "Always-Existent"

When we try to describe the features and attributes of the very "first" thing to exist, we come across some rather perplexing and unique problems. Because it is the very "first" thing, it could not be made of anything - there would be no pre-existing thing (matter or energy) from which to have made it. It could not have a natural design, since there would be no pre-existing forces, materials, or designer to impose constraints on it. And, because this "something" always existed, it could not have had an origin.

Such an "existence" cannot be defined, confined, or limited in any way - there is simply nothing by which it can be limited.

Anything which is not limitable in any way is necessarily unlimited in all ways - and that is the definition of "Infinite God".

Because he has no necessary or imposed characteristics, the character and the form (or forms) by which we know Him, the infinite God, are entirely of his own choice and revelation.

Two categories of Existence

All existence is either uncreated or created - that which has the characteristics of God,(which IS God) and that which does not. Because nature is restricted, it is not infinite. Because it is not infinite, it is not God. Even energy and the forces of nature (gravity for instance) are finite and operate within defined bounds. Because they have inherent limitation, they are excluded from being God. They are therefore dependent on God for their existence - and so it is for the whole of creation. God is quite distinct from his visible and invisible creation


From this most basic of all facts (the fact of existence) comes the most basic of all truths - the truth that God is the infinitely mighty creator of the universe and that we owe every aspect of our existence to Him. Any conditions He set for our existence would be rightly and justly given.

The most basic response to this truth should be for us, with awe and respect, to acknowledge Him as our creator and God. As we see His interest in us, through what He has created and how it operates, we can know that we are in the hands of a loving creator/father and that we can find rest as we put our trust entirely in Him.

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