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More on Daniel 11

The following is a summary of a handout given us by the presenter, Tim Roosenberg.  He has a website which has more information on this:  I believe he may be changing the website so I'll keep you updated if and when this URL becomes outdated.

OK, so back to business.  (Since I'm basically a lazy resourceful, ingenious, efficient person, I've decided to take a photo of each page and put each one here.  Then you can click on it to enlarge and actually read it yourself!)     {Later:  Oh blogspot, what art thou doing now?  No enlarging??}

As I may have said before, in no way, in any modern day reference are individuals referred to as "evil".  He is talking about the religio-political "systems", not individuals.

Here's a summary of the page shown below:  The first part of Dan. 11 starts at the kingdom of Persia.  As you may know, Dan 2, 7 and 8 explain the sequence of coming kingdoms starting at Babylon.  The reason this chapter starts at Medo/Persia is because Babylon is already no more in Dan 11. All the kings of the north attack Jerusalem from the north, even if they exist to the east or west. In this part of Daniel 11, until v. 25, the king of the south is Egypt for the most part.

The first three quarters or more, of Daniel 11 has already occurred (for us in the 21st Century) so these are historical facts for us.  For Daniel and the people in the 6th or 7th century B.C, they had not yet occurred.  So for us, the book is "unsealed" as we look back on historical fact and match up the events. 

Here we see reference to Antiochus III (Antiochus the Great).  Many might think he is the fulfillment of the little horn of Daniel  8 but he doesn't fit there - in time, place or character.  You'll see further on in Daniel 11 who the little horn is. 

In verse 22, reference is made to Jesus who is the "prince of the covenant" - see Dan 9:25.  (In fact, Daniel 9:24-27 is a prophecy of Jesus, the coming Messiah.) In this section of Dan.11, the kingdom of the north becomes religio-political - pagan Rome becomes papal Rome.  The king of the south now enters its Islamic phase.

Entering the pre-reformation and reformation part of history.   This would be in the 1500's to 1600's I suppose.

 Now we enter the "time of the end" - starting in the mid 1840's.  The third "woe" is yet to happen.  I imagine some think or thought it could be the attack on America on Sep/11/01.  I suppose it could be that but the way it's described, it might be much bigger.  Verse 41 says many countries shall be overthrown.  So perhaps this hasn't happened yet.

The "news from the east" is that of Jesus' soon coming.  That infuriates the devil who attacks with greater vehemence than before (through his agencies).  We know it's the time of the end because as it continues into chapter 12 (no chapter distinctions in the original language). Michael "stands up" - remember, he sat down (to judge) in Dan 7:9,10 - so His work as judge of the saints (Dan 7:22) has ended and it's time for them to possess the kingdom.  The 7 last plagues fall, causing a terrible time of trouble.  Then the two resurrections occur (each separated by 1000 years as described in Rev. 20 {eg:v.6} ).

May we all be found ready for Jesus' return and if we die before then, that we will be raised in the first resurrection, never to die again!  Right now, death is still our enemy -  death is the last enemy to be destroyed/conquered. (1 Cor. 15:26) and it won't be destroyed until there is death no more - that means at the end of the 1000 years. 

Praise God for the prophecies of the Bible and the hope we are given!  (And I also praise God there is no eternally burning hell to torture people forever!)

Here is a lecture on the King of the North:

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