Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year

Yes, it's 2012 - as you all know, being on the same planet and all....However, you cousins in Australia and New Zealand all reached the new year before we stragglers on the other side of the world did!    Perhaps we should move the date line every so often - just to be fair! 

On a serious note, (my oldest brother) Dave, passed away some years ago while in the middle of writing a series of pamphlets on the meaning of life....well, here are his own words describing them:

"In this series of pamphlets I have sought to present the most fundamental facts of life and their implications and show how they point to a God of love.  I have tried to provide sound reasons for the things I present, but, because the topics are very concisely presented, a little contemplation may be necessary to understand them.

Due to the rapid progress of an incurable form of cancer, I have had to combine my last three planned topics into one -- making 5 pamphlets in all.  I had also planned a further series but now must refer you to others who I believe can carry on from where I have left off."

He wanted them distributed to anyone who might be helped by them.  I'm going to start with the last one and work backwards, because I know the posts usually go from latest to earliest.  They'll be clearly numbered. And since I can't seem to help myself and keep my big mouth shut, I've added one or two words to his writing - and colored them blue. I'm also going to be adding some pictures for illustration.

So - I'll post this short introduction today, then put each of the others in separate blogs, and only post the whole lot when all 5 are done. (Later:  Well, isn't that great!?  I posted numbers 3 and 4 in the wrong order and can't change it!  Blogspot, I don't want to "delete" anything and re-do - what can I do to rearrange the posts? Answer: Go to the editing mode, click on "Post Options" and change the time!  Thank you, Google!)

Feliz nuwe year! (3 languages in one!)

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