Monday, April 28, 2014

GCC Camporee at Cohutta

Pathfinders just had a long w/e (Thursday night to Sunday morning) at the new field location for their annual conference camporee.  C was an honor pathfinder (disappointing "reward" - an easter egg of jelly beans - but that's another story)The weekend was full of supposed to be full of activities and honors, spiritual meetings and lots of fellowshipMostly that's what happened but GCC, you dropped the ball in several ways this time!  Activities were poorly planned, teachers didn't show up, honors weren't taught as shown, we didn't get a program til Friday morning, or know what the honors even were, the counsellors didn't get maps (ever), activities started late, and the signing up was (again) disorganized and frenzied.  But I'm not here to complain.  Here are photos of the good times/things and the kids had a fun time, plus the weather was wonderful!

Friday morning was the only cloudy time with a little rain in the early morning before breakfast. Look how nicely our boys' tents are lined up!

Eating area

Roll Call (not everyone was there yet - only looks like half)
This is basically what the honor pathfinder activity entailed - a photo scavenger hunt.
The Honor pathfinder group

Heading to the start of the parade
"Eyes Right!"

Song service before an evening meeting

Front runner in the 5K race

This is the way the lazy ones do it!
The whole club

Adios amigos!!

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