Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spring has Sprung again

Isn't it nice to know the seasons roll on in a relatively predictable way?  Two months ago we had this:

8 inches of snow

 And now we have this:

With Redbud and Dogwood

 3 snow-thrones

Ah, much better.

 Some other spring milestones:
The birthday willow

The next few pics show the varieties of daffodils there are - and these are just in our garden. 
Yellow and orange

White with pale yellow

White, yellow and Orange

White and yellow

An 8 petaled daffodil (most are 6)

Yellow on yellow
A bunch on one stem (this one isn't in our garden...)

Flowering quince in March
Forsythia pruned (at a nearby assisted living)

Phlox - April

Cascades of phlox in April
Cherry? blossoms - April

Flowering quince in April

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