Saturday, April 12, 2014

Some Art Old and New

In cleaning out/sorting, you know, "spring cleaning", I came across some old art from college days and later. Here are some samples to tickle your eyes....(sorry, you'll have to gather some tissues  to wipe those tearful eyes later....)

Drawing in ink with dots

Some plant - a violet? These drawings have seen better days...

Black and white - maybe negative colour

Have no idea

Shading of a sphere

Still life

Hats in ink or black/white water colour?

Hiking boots

That ink again, maybe showing different textures - not sure if this was for class or not


Drawing stuff without looking at your hand

Without looking


Some hats.  I think this IS pencil

Perspective (damaged) - good grief, was the cat tearing it up? or peeing on it?

Still life - I like the onion, don't you?


Cloth draped (damaged)

I don't know if this was for class or not


Here we had to draw a portrait using pixel-like squares

And now for some more recent stuff.

Za Hoomaan Eye (don't ask about that lower lid, I don't know!)

A watercolour (vague likeness) of one of my hubby's photos

From a watercolour instruction book (you can tell I want to learn watercolour - one day I might get there....)

(Mostly) acrylic still life from a print

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