Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Required Garden updates

Garden pics

Four little cabbages

Nothing much - yet

Added compost and re-tilled

A few days later?

Oh, my shade cloth for the cabbages.  Hope they appreciate it.

After another re-till.  
Now I need to take a few more since planting tomato, squash, cucumber, etc, yesterday. 
Planted 4 Red bell peppers today
Mostly tomatoes in foreground

Tomatoes (with curly-leafed parsley in foreground)

Garden as of April 22

Zucchini, yellow squash
May 25 garden (next few pics)

Corn and pole beans - just planted here not too long before this pic

Herb garden with Mother's day rose

June 2 garden next few pics

Blueberry patch April 22

Future blueberries, Lord willing
May 8
May 18

Blackberry patch

Grape plant

Dad, we hope you have your modem back working again so you can keep track of our garden!!  Keep us posted.

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