Sunday, June 8, 2014

Amusement Park Picnic

Time for the annual work picnic at Lake Winnie.  You'll see similar pictures to last time but so be it. The "players" are slightly different. This time we stayed til around 7:15pm.

About to go on the scary car ride

Bumper cars

Floatin' down the lazy river

De ja vu.  Like last year we had thunderclouds in the same area but this time it passed in 30 mins and all was well.

Congrats, D4, on getting C to go on the Cannonball rollercoaster. 

I thought I was taking a picture but turns out it was a movie.  This is them going up the highest climb.  I like this rollercoaster only because there are no fast, tight turns, just ups and downs.

My steed

On the cable car.  Called Alpine something or other.

From the cable car

Looking down as a boat enters the water.  The girls were waiting in line and said hi as the chair went around the end.

They've redone the two big water slides and were working on it the day we were there.  At about 5:20 they announced it was finally ready and due to various circumstances, I was the first on the green/orange slide.  Later S and I did the double red/yellow.  Both times it was a wild and scary ride!

D drives a bumper car.  Unfortunately we didn't explain how to drive the thing and she had several bad whiplashing collisions!  I felt bad for her.  Sorry, D!

Again this was a favourite (for some).

Looking back toward the water park area.

No-one went on the ferris wheel this year!  We all agreed it took too long.  All in all we had a wonderful time. Thank you MFC.


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