Monday, June 16, 2014


I can't  tell you where we camped because there are so few prime camping spots and if you tried to come camp there you would be disappointed... so I'll save you that disappointment and just show you pictures.

When we first arrived it was socked in and rainy.  As I intimated before, we got a prime spot - not sure how...but it was the last available lakeside spot - and the best!

You'll see a lot of reflections

From our site looking west

Carpet of ferns on the lake trail

Our spot from across the lake.  Isn't that perfect?

On Thursday.  This mist came in in just seconds and literally five minutes later it looked like the photo below.

DM and C in the canoe

More luscious ferns.  We did hear of bear in the vicinity so kept a good lookout.

Someone heading for the swimming dock

Although the water was chilly, most of the kids still swam in it a lot.

Warming up by the fire afterwards

It was full moon while we were there.

The moon setting on Sabbath, (early morning)

A wild azalea

Large azalea bush (this is on our 3.5 mile {5.5 km} hike to the fire tower)

Guess who came up on Sabbath?

Enjoying the sun

Canoeing in the evening


Enjoying the candles hung by the F's


F and T canoeing by

and by

and by. (see the glowing candles?)

Early morning swim (Friday)

Oops, no focus but you get the idea. 

On the way home we thought our house might be on fire... but only a field.


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