Monday, June 2, 2014

Blue, Yellow, Blue

What an awesome trip to the blue, sun-drenched Atlantic coast of Florida and then a relaxing visit with family.  You'll see what I mean.

Atlantic Ocean beach at Flagler Beach, Florida
Finding sand fleas and sea snails
A sun circle

Our yellow

Sunset from the pier

Sunrise from our suite
In the surf

Ignoring the sun

Lunch (some of us were inside)

The pool offered relief from the salty sea and was a good "occupier of time while waiting for lunch to be made".

Oh, look what breezed by

LOW tide

This little Havanese dog was very confused at the lack of legs on these mermaids

Doing the required handstand.  Facing Africa

 Blue, yellow, blue
Choosing what to eat for supper at the Golden Lion


It changes colour

Ahhhh, looking "pitiful" from the sunburn (sadly not to turn brown, but to be lost later in prolific peeling)

Another low tide but not AS low as yesterday.  Look at the lack of waves

Using the panorama feature

C got bitten/pinched by a crab shortly after this.  Somehow the sea didn't hold as much attraction after that...
On the way south, we stopped at the Blue Spring State Park.  Lovely swimming and floating on the "run", looking at Gar and other bright fish, birds and enjoying refreshing 72 degree water.

The Blue spring.  As I took this picture, an instantaneous flash of lightning and thunder happened right behind me.  Notice the empty spring.  I had run back as a storm came in to get a picture - almost my last! Somehow I found the energy to run all the way back to the car 1/2 km away - uphill.
After church on Sabbath

Having lunch

The clouds dump

Highlands Hammock.  I love this place!  (I know I say this everytime...just to make sure you get it)

Grandpa's creature graveyard on his lampshade

The fishermen were catching little sharks.  :(  At least they threw them back in.

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