Monday, June 2, 2014

Highlands Hammock

Have to have a blog on just Highlands Hammock.  Unfortunately we almost had to run around the boardwalk due to a loud thunderstorm developing close by. Amazingly we did see a couple baby gators.

The awesome boardwalk

Some cypress knees

C and D

Smile! for the camera!


Actually the water is relatively clean



Are they growing up or down? jj

Some fish jumping - not sure what this "video" is doing here - doesn't look like the whole clip.  I'll see what happens when I publish it.

Looking back.  If you look at the September blog on HH, you'll notice the complete difference in colours. 

Do you see the two alligators?

Thunderclaps hurrying us along

A little blurred...

Bracken ferns (I think)

A tree claims the boardwalk

Along the road.  If you look carefully you'll see a large frog.  I enlarged it in the next photo.

A frog trying to hide

Several other frogs were hiding in various places.

Signs of the storm we avoided

A red-headed woodpecker sits on a branch

The storm in the distance

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