Saturday, April 24, 2010

A 5-week Comcam off Mahan Gap

This is a field visible across the way from our CHE building.  The first week (April 6),I noticed how pretty the redbud looked against the green and hills.  The next week it was still beautiful (the redbud bloomed for a long time this year), and by the third week it had just started to change to green.
The second week:(April 13)
The 3rd week: (Apr 20)

And now the 4th week (April 27)...only a slight hint of purple in the tree and the black walnut behind it slightly to the right, is finally showing some foliage.  They're always last to get their leaves and the first to lose them. (That's one way how I'm guessing it's a black walnut)

5th week: May 4, 2010

Perhaps I'll keep adding comcams for a while so check back!

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