Friday, April 23, 2010

2010 Sonrise and Other

Our garden is slowly coming along. C and A have their little sections all fenced off and in the foreground we have kale, bell pepper and farther back, tomatoes and kale.

Southern's annual SONRISE pageant was on April 3.  Here are a few photos from the day.
The leper colony outside Jerusalem.

In "Jerusalem" there were many shops selling everything!  MUCH better than Walmart or OK! This one sold musical instruments.

What do you know - we meet our own kin in Jerusalem!  How are you, H? Are you ready for Passover?

The next day, Sunday, (Easter) was a day for egg hunting. This is really not a tradition of ours but since I had some eggs leftover from a previous easter egg hunt somewhere, I hid them around the house and the two girls hunted for them.  Since there were only 9 I hid them really well.  Camouflaged, huh?

C's Adventurer Investiture was April 3 at 6pm.  Here is the whole group about to sing a song.

 C's class standing in line waiting to be called to get their pins.

And that's all til next time!

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