Friday, April 23, 2010

April Photos

Our azaleas are blooming but I'll add them next time.

Here is another view of our newly ploughed vegetable garden (still in the process of being tilled), just waiting for fresh seeds and seedlings! A couple blogs ago I showed the garden being ploughed so here it is almost finished.

And now we have plants and some seeds in.  Of course a lot of the squash and such, like it warmer than it is now so we're waiting a week or so.

We had a good rain this week and more big storms predicted for tomorrow.  The weeds have sprouted and we've started the hoeing.  Oh joy of it!

Here we're at LBA for S's alumni weekend.  A came  with us and here they are in Junior SS.  "Boring" says C!  Probably 'cos it involved a pen and paper (some of the time), and little in the way of "entertainment" is my guess! Sad, isn't it?

R, C and family came with us too.  They were happy to see Soekie looking fine and healthy and she seemed thrilled to see them too - knowing they were VERY familiar but couldn't quite lay her nose on WHY.  She became very excited when R patted her in his peculiar way and of course voice recognition - of all of them.

After lunch, S's class met at the Lodge for fellowship and catching up.  Here are a few of the next generation of girls on the porch.  (Cautionary note: Don't lean on the top rail - it's loose!)

This is the view from the lodge, looking east.
For the past month we've been watching a live Ustream webcam of owls, Molly and McGee, as they raise their baby owlet family.  Four owls were "born" to them about a month ago and look how big they're getting! Their mother, Molly, is leaving the nest during the day now, and helping McGee look for rodents for the growing babies. In the beginning, he alone did all the hunting. If you're interested, just google Molly and McGee!  They've had over 8 millions hits on their site.

Ah, isn't this sweet? Only a mother owl could love her babies!
Well, I think that'll be all for now, folk!  As I mentioned at the top, big storms are predicted for these parts tomorrow and tomorrow night.  Big hail and possibly tornadoes...Let's hope not!
Take care til next time!

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