Saturday, April 24, 2010

Shape Note Sing

Here in the south (maybe in the north too, I don't know!), there seems to be a large group of slightly eccentric people who still love to sing shape note hymns (MOST people stopped singing shape note songs 200 years ago); and not only to sing them, but some also to compose new ones!  One of the compilers of the 1991 "The Sacred Harp", Richard L. DeLong, who lives nearby in Georgia, was on hand to coach us and help lead a 3-hour sing last Sabbath (I got his autograph!!).  Now, I'm not saying I'm one of these eccentric ones who gathers monthly to shout sing these lovely hymns, nay, but am a friend of such, and was earnestly bribed urged to attend this 'sing-a-long'.  Here are some photos of the enthusiastic group getting warmed up.  The deal is, different people get up to "conduct" the hymns they chose.   Everyone clambers for a turn, like eager Kindergarteners (even getting ticket numbers in larger groups).  Such enthusiasm is heartwarming, yea, HEARTWARmin', I tell ya!!

(You'll see Richard DeLong's head sticking up above this hymnbook - watch out Duane!)

To get the full impact I should have taped it....I'll do that next time!  Wait!  Next time?  Well, MAYBE I'll be going again :-).  Until then.....

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