Friday, April 9, 2010

The Grass is Riz

 I kid you not folk, the following three photos were taken within a week of each other.

This one taken on April 2

This one 2 days later on April 4 - (Happy birthday, Mom!),

and this one on April 9 (today)

Wow, I don't know WHAT blogspot is doing now but I can't format this thing - moving photos around is a complete disaster!  And my text is appearing in all sorts of weird places!  One day I suppose I'll figure it out. Excuse my obvious prejudice but this system was not designed by a woman - and therefore not user friendly!!  Uploading photos is also a pain - one at a time to the blog....My control save feature is also not working!  Anyway, if this text is anywhere near the yellow forsythia, this photo was taken March 27 down at the Riverwalk downtown Chattanooga.  We biked about 7 miles on a beautiful spring day.  Since we've had such an unusually long winter, spring has sprung all at once - absolutely gorgeous!

And now I can't "return" to the line below - cannot produce a properly behaving cursor!  So who knows where this text will show up.  Below is a "red" bud blooming in the front garden ("yard" as they say in the US.  My prim and proper British Aunts would laugh at this term derisively - "A YARD!  ha ha - what is it - Scotland Yard, or a graveyard? tsk tsk!").
OK, now I just click wildly around in the spaces on or next to a picture, and finally a  large cursor appears as if my text is in the middle.  I've clicked "remove formatting" several times to no avail.  The photo below is actually from our Homeschool school on Mahan gap.  Just thought the scene was  beautiful with flowering trees and green grass.  Date taken: April 6.
I can only move the text once I start typing in the open area in the middle then move the cursor to the left of the word and hit return.  It won't move the cursor unless there is writing there - how dumb is that?
This is our field being ploughed on Monday April 5.  A HOT day.  We thought summer had arrived with temps in high 80's!
Well, I've had enough bother with this "new" blog.  Wish I could revert to the old formatting!
We're going up to LBA for their "Almuni" w/e (well, we HOPE it's Alumni, but last year it was Almuni!) tomorrow.  Will fill you in when we get back.
Happy Sabbath!

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