Monday, November 1, 2010

The Annual Fall Festival

Again, we had wonderful weather for the annual fall festival and picnic yesterday.  This time it started at 3pm and we left at 7pm. I'll let the pictures tell the story.
Friends and sunshine

Getting ready for a short devotional

Listening to the speaker

A group of kids gathered to lead song service


A very local musical group. L to R: Dana, Scott, Christy, Richard, Darlene, Holly and Jim. (You'll get to hear them in the next post)

My favourite driveway.  This was on the hayride.  When these leaves turn, they're beautiful, and again in the spring when in full blossom.

Coming back by the house and all the people

Another, more professional bluegrass group.  I know I'll get the name wrong but it was something like "The Blue Tastic Fan Grass" group! (You'll get to hear a very short clip of them in the next post - before someone kind of derailed the whole thing - you'll see what I mean!)
A heaped up bonfire - perfect for those marshmallows. (I wish we could just spell them Marshmellows, people - one day I'm going to reBEL!)

We had many options of fun: Pumpkin decorating, face painting, balloons, hayrides, touch football, and the obstacle course which included a zip line (also called a "fooffy slide" in my day). Then of course we had the picnic food, the fire and the music and a (can drive - for those less fortunate) fundraising (combined with the schools, I believe).

Queen of the night
A side view

Worth waiting for, but short-lived.

I'll post the bluegrass music in the next blog post because I'm sure I've passed the GB limit on this one!

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