Monday, November 1, 2010

Peek at a Cello lesson

Working on the Rondo from Breval's Concerto #2 with Teacher Annie.  Well, Blogspot, you did it again - or DIDN'T do it!  Tried to upload a video - after an hour or so it says it couldn't do the job - and it's only, what? 2 -3 minutes?! So I'll have to go the YouTube route again....Kindly click on the link below.


Let's hope we can work our practices up to 30 minutes a day! Pretty reasonable I'd say! Dja hear that, girl? (She doesn't read these, ha ha - I can gossip all I want!)  And please excuse the friend's sniffling in the background! Ugh, I can't EVER seem to get videos right - you're prolly saying "Well, give it up already!"   OK, I will  -  just after the next blog about our fall festival if that's fine with you!  We had some interesting Bluegrass music which got RUINED by someone while I was taping it SO NICELY!!  (slow, deep breaths.....calm down, serenity NOW!) but I'll include "snippets" of it.  Ugh!

Hey wait, what's that blood-curdling screaming I hear??  Oh, it's me! 

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