Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fourth Grade Samples

Here are some examples of what we're up to in the 4th grade so far.  (Well, I only got the camera out for that within the last week or so, so really it's not a sample of the whole year - but anyway, just so you know we're not completely loafing...;-). ) Here are just a few projects documented.

Working on tessellating patterns (sort of). We're just experimenting with possibilities here (brainstorming).

Working with percentages

Comparing percentages with fractions

More comparisons between percents and fractions

Fractions and percentages of dollars and cents (stock exchange stuff) Hmmm, looks like we weren't quite finished here....

Let's see. This is getting perimeter in fractions and drawing geometric figures.

Reciting "Trees" by Joyce Kilmer.  "I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree..."

October's weather (yes, we ran out of suns...)

 Our Tennessee physical map project.
We start out, after pencil drawing it all in, by making a flour and water model of all the various physical features such as mountains, valleys, plains, lakes and rivers.  When the flour dries, you'll notice it becomes shorter and fatter!  (We didn't think of that!)

They're each making their own map. This is at the plaster of paris stage, where we cover the flour and water with strips of POP covered material.  This hardens in minutes.

A different version

A school visitor came to see what the purple butterfly was all about.

Then we had another visitor in the dog pen.  We're wondering if this marbled salamander is "Sallie"??  If so, she's grown fast in the last almost 2 years.

Now we're painting in the rivers.  We have HUGE rivers in Tennessee you know (wink).
I see the Mississippi River is in flood stage!
I'll be adding to this TN project in due time.  We just did the rivers today....
Later: Thursday Nov 4:
Painting the green

Almost done

Getting those rivers a little smaller.

In the meantime, we have a field trip tomorrow - actually put on by CHE - for our yearbook party. (It's never too late to party!).  So don't move that dial.  We'll see you back shortly!

Later: Nov 8.  
On the left is the "fertile plain" and the circle (!) in the middle is the fertile valley! Nothing like dramatic exaggeration to get the point across, ha ha!

 November 10
And now we add the cities.  Four main cities in TN.
 Nov 12
Then we add the bushes, trees, grass and crops (pretty much at random!)

More of the same
 Nov. 15
Oh, we found more "trees" in the form of flower arranging foam and stuff from a potpourri.

 Nov. 16
We start to add the city buildings - alas, the glue stuck to our fingers so much we couldn't position them properly! So we later switched to hotgun glue - MUCH better!

Cities slowly being built - Rome wasn't built in a day, you know!

Later: about November 17
Labels, better cities and of course, the orange background.
Another sample
The large metropolis of Memphis

Chattanooga, on both sides of the river...

Some of the Tennessee valley, Sequatchie valley, etc  I even see Lake Ocoee.

The bustling Knoxville

Stately Nashville (maybe just a tad, slightly north of where it should be!). The project is almost done - just a few touch-ups needed and it'll be ready to send home!

And lastly, some flowers C drew for a friend with cancer -  a bouquet that we hope will bring cheer and goodwill.

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