Sunday, November 7, 2010

Some Chattanooga Sights

This is the type of post that will get added to as time goes on.  So, these are just a FEW little sights you might see as you wander around Chattanooga.

A furry Dr. Seuss hand is really backlit grass.

Just for show - the time was really about 8:30.

A peek at some Houston Museum glassware - all collected by one lady, I believe.

Hunter Museum of Art
Go up this way and you'll get there.

One of numerous sculptures around town. 

On the left the Belle of Cincinnati pays Chattanooga a visit.  It's nice when your neighbours can just float down a river to come visit you.  The Belle will be giving local excursions while here. From our local newspaper, I found out it is an authentic paddlewheeler from the Mississippi river and was formerly known as the Emerald Lady.  Chattanooga's own Southern Belle is dwarfed next to it on the right. (and to think we used to think she was big!)

The paddleboat you see here is the Delta Queen - which, I believe, is only being used as a hotel at the moment.

The water stairway - very popular with the kids in summer.

Shake a paw! (or give me a bone!)
In the Bluff View Arts District.  An enchanting path leading to.......lunch, in our case!

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