Friday, October 24, 2014

Throw back Photos IV

Some more old pics:

At 5 C won a coloring competition and won this Game Boy.  

Unfortunately or fortunately, at that age she wanted everything to be PINK so this yellow game boy did not hold any attraction for her.  After going to Toys R Us to exchange it (it was still plastic wrapped and this is where it was from) where they told me they could NOT exchange it for a pink one, no matter if it had been opened or not, (really??!!) we gave it away to the Angel Tree where FORTUNATELY someone had asked for the exact same thing!  I think an angel worked that all out!  Thank you, Jesus!

The young cellists getting ready to practice for a service.  Oh look at the little one on the left - is he not adorable?

Christmas on the promenade

Oh funny.  Look at all their arms - is this not too cute?
Did you know we still had public hangings in America?  I feel sorry that the whole family had to be hung, though...

Look what I got at the parade!

A Christmas gift from cousins

Somebody's birthday!

C was fascinated to find grass taller than her.

One year they were giving fir trees away after Christmas so we got one to scent up our classroom.  We got these paper whites and watched them come to bloom in the winter.

A visit to the zoo

You can barely see Hank's face through all the reflection.  He loved to interact with the children. (Passed away several years ago)

Formula one racers

Doing some sewing with Aunty A

5 year olds at the aquarium

Mrs Gardener heading out to the fields...


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