Friday, October 24, 2014

Throw back Photos VII

More photos from way back.

We got to join a group of OAKS children on their field trip to the aquarium

Their teacher, Mrs. Reynolds. (I had known her in Africa - wonderful person)

At a special high school graduation

With best friend, A


What a mess you make, girl!  AND you're starting to chew on shoes.  I think we're moving you from the back porch!

On a trip up to .... oh where was it? - Clingman's dome, that's it. S and a friend rode their bikes up here and back.

Taking our little pup along

Such a good dog and so interested in everything going on!

Waterslide fun with the neighbor's grandchildren (the one on the right of C is actually about her age!)

This is at the children's museum in the illusion section where the door looks smaller/kids bigger etc.

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