Friday, October 24, 2014

Throw back Photos VIII

Some more pics from the past. 
Having the locks chopped off

at the beach

Wearing some pants she picked out herself and paid for with birthday money.  I thought she made a great choice.

At Sabbath School with teacher Pat

In kindergarten the children are always dressing up and acting out parts.  They love it!

We took a year or a semester of gymkids

Waiting for her turn on the tumble track.

Playing in the hay

At about 3 months old I think - picture of a picture.  Looks like I need to redo this one!

Visiting Grandma and Grandpas house.  We don't know why the socks on the hands... something to do with her imagination.

A haircut mommy had

Acting out something in SS.  Looks like she's a shepherd visiting a king?

With teacher Pat

K and J are sisters.  Here with their babies (and C)

At T's party

It was a wild and crazy party at Chuckie Cheeses

Busy Bees or Sunbeams line up.

With the Crabapple? blossoms at the music building

A homeschool fieldtrip to a bicycle shop.

Crazy Caridee playing around in school

At Cloudland Canyon I think.

Big sister helps to keep the young'uns under control!  Wish they'd visit more often!

Taking the cat, Buddy, for a walk - and it looks like somebody else - not sure who?

Am I supposed to be practicing?

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