Friday, October 24, 2014

Throw back Photos IX - last one for now

I think this is the last set of the batch of photos I brought over from the other computer and downloaded from DVD's. 
Getting to play someone's harp at Aunty A's
Christmas at Uncle G and Aunty J

Christmas at grandparent's house in FL

My puppy and I

At the children's museum. Looks like they're learning how to be postal workers

I showed this one before - D and M working on his moped

Catching or throwing?  Flip flops in mid-air

A paint-by-number yt did

A homeschool field trip to some pizza place that I shall NEVER return to.

The kids got to make their own pizzas there - that was fun, I'll admit.

Can we rotate this, blogspot?  I'll have to research how.

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