Friday, October 24, 2014

Throw back Photos VI

Long, long ago and far, far away (not really).

5th BD celebration at Sabbath School with teacher Pat.

We met up with uncle Robin - my (deceased)best friend's father who was visiting the area. Aunty Loretta had just passed away months before this picture.

I think this might have been C's first cello recital. How sweet they all are.

One of the mother's gave them all medals for their first recital!

She loved it
 One of her adventurer friends had his birthday - he was all into baseball.

Practicing basketball skills (with the hoop left behind at the house when we bought it)

Our new puppy, Caridee

I made sure she and the cat got used to each other early before Caridee got too big.  One or two well-placed cat scratches on Caridee's nose, helped to establish some boundaries!

Such a darling!

Waiting her turn at another later recital

C and her teacher after the recital

Seems like this is the recital themed blog.  Here are C and A in the lobby during a piano recital.

 Ah, now we're off to the Mayfield Dairy farm
Mr Mayfield
(I told the kids to be serious and not smile, thinking it would be like reverse psychology.  Well, little C is so obedient that the joke was on me, and J just couldn't help himself, haha! This pic always makes me laugh)

The best part was tasting the ice-cream afterward

Where is this?  I don't know but it looks like a church?

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