Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Canoeing the Hiwassee

A couple Sabbaths ago we joined a few other families (we had 7 people in ours alone) to float down the Hiwassee river.  It was a perfect, sultry summer afternoon of close to 100 degrees F, and the water was deliciously refreshing!  Heaven on earth!

On the river

Getting all the gear set up.

Waiting and waiting....(we had to drop a vehicle or two down at the other end)

While waiting at the start, we could see the river rising rapidly.

Brother R at the helm.

Will these things stay afloat? (Actually, they did - but Dee and M sure tested the yellow one with a water fight!)

Do you think we have enough kids on this tube?

Oh Mom, it's so hot in here.  Let's jump in!  OK!!!!

It looks very similar to a trip we made last year this time, doesn't it?  But this year we had more family along which was nice.  Wish we could do this every week in the summer!

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