Thursday, August 19, 2010

Violin Lesson

Here are some photos of C's violin lesson yesterday.  She has been taking violin this summer and had a total of 8 lessons.  Thanks to the help of her good teacher, Mrs Burnham, and regular practices, she has made good progress.  We're debating continuing with violin during the school year - or not.  She is already going to be continuing cello and piano.  But, as she says herself: "I was born for music".  Somehow Mom thinks that though she might have been "born for music", she's not sure her daughter is aware of the work needed to keep up with THREE instruments!  So - the jury is still out on that one.  Plus, Mom and Dad have to pay for the all adds up!

Playing through Humoresque.
Getting some instruction
From a previous lesson

Due to issues trying to upload (to blogspot) a video from the lesson, I had to post to Youtube and link from there....

and some more of it here:

And that's a taste of C's violin this summer.

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