Saturday, August 28, 2010

On the upper Tellico River and Huckleberry Knob.

Just 3 of us went out today and enjoyed the water and fish on the upper end of the Tellico River.  No-one else was around and we had a fun time, especially running the raft down a little cascade and through some rapids at the bottom.

Our set-up

Getting used to the cold water (yes, quite a bit colder than the Conasauga a couple weeks ago!)

This is our waterfall/slide - lots of fun.
Getting ready to "fly"
Hitting the rapids
Riding the waves
Most everything still green at the end of August.  Usually we see a bit more colour at this elevation by this time...?
Advertising for "Little Debbies" as she comes back upstream.
After this we still drove up to Huckleberry Knob area and hiked the mile or so to the Knob itself, going via Oak Knob.  It goes without saying that at this time of year, we each ate our fill of Huckleberries!
We passed into North Carolina for a short time (The two "knobs" are in NC)

And they tasted as good as they look.  We kept a watchful eye out for bear too!
Someone had bushwhacked the road very recently so it was a pleasure to walk straight up it.
Hiking via Oak Knob - again, freshly bush-hogged.  There was a lovely, sweet smell of fresh mown hay in the air!
At the top of Huckleberry Knob
Ooo, yummy blueberries for supper!
While huckleberry picking, C came across a geocache!  That was an unexpected surprise.  We did another one on the trip back along the Cherohala too. (a mini one!)
A few out-of-focus berries....

On the drive up we also saw several of these poles set up for the Northern Gray Flying Squirrel.  The distance is too great for them to glide normally across this road so they've set up these special poles with thingies to land on...quite ingenious in my opinion! I wonder who trained the squirrels to use them?? ;-)
A closer look at one side
A view on the way down
I'd love to live in the wilderness like this and have enough cleared land for sunshine and gardens.  Isn't Tennessee beautiful?
Well, that was our afternoon today!  A lovely way to spend a Sabbath afternoon - enjoying God's creation!

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