Thursday, August 19, 2010

First Field Trip of the year

Biology trail, here we come! Right after lunch when we were supposed to leave, it suddenly started raining buckets. We waited almost an hour for it to subside and ended up with a nice sunny trip - although had some incredible humidity!! Those from the south here will know exactly what I mean!  Hot, sticky, sweaty and mosquitoey! (thankfully not TOO bothered by the latter today).
Doing some creek study.
We found a good place to park - on a little bridge.
And then got to work.
We found skimmers, little water bugs, a long-for-its-size worm (a horsehair worm, I found out later...) swimming in the water, and frogs. We didn't find any crayfish this time (thankfully, says the teacher)!
OK, what have we here.....
Our trusty little totes.
This was fun.  I recommend it - though perhaps on a cooler day!  We plan to return later in the Fall/Autumn, to see what changes we can observe!  Happy hunting.

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