Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Chattanooga Market - a smorgasboard of delights!

A couple Sundays ago we stopped by the Chattanooga Farmer's market and this is what we saw. (Later, in October, mind you:  I have to profusely apologize.  My hubby says I've been calling it the Farmer's Market and it's just the Chattanooga Market!  Apologies to all who've been led astray.  I'll try not to do that again! :-+)

They've got everything!

Want a possum sandwich? (What a horrible thing to eat these gentle, sweet creatures! - believe me, they're really cute!)

Checking out the merchandise
Lots of choices
Even a climbing wall.
An amazing portrait artist.
To all those who have come to this site looking for the Farmer's market, I will take some photos of the fruits, plants and veggies sold here, and add it to this blog.  Although not the true Farmer's Market, the Sunday we came WAS highlighting the farmer's markets in the area; plus they do regularly sell fresh food; but it's so much more, of course, as you can see here. I should have more photos in the next month so please check back.

Well - I'm back - November 7!  Here are some more photos of the Chattanooga Market.
The sound stage

Soap, anyone?

Mmmm, delicious goat cheese!

Apple season

Fresh veggies.

Friendly help!

Peppers and flowers; pumpkins and potatoes too

Spices made to order

And freshly baked bread

Honeys and jams

Something to do with flowers.

Carvings from stone, it looks like.

Potpourri and bath salts etc.

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