Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Some things Long Ago

Found some old photos at my folk's house.  Brought back a few (mostly) good old memories.

Riding Miranda - my dream pony (belonged to our friends, the Heywoods). This is where I heard the term "changing leg" for the first time!! (embarrassing story!). Look at that antique car in the background (even for then)

Sitting on Pym.  As Judy (on the right) used to put it "like a pimple on a mountain"! He was the biggest (and most gentle) horse you've ever seen!

This is my first horse, Rocket.  He was 21 years old when given to me, but still spunky, and very sweet!  I certainly was NOT going to look a gift horse in the mouth - someone else told me his age! (wink).

Three little girls go riding. (Poor Tarzan can't see where's he's going...but I'm sure he's enjoying the carrot!)

Billy the lamb (even though a female). I think I named her Billy after the story, Billy Goat Gruff.  Poor miss-named lambie!  And she really DID follow me everywhere I went, even to school, just like Mary's lamb.  This is the only photo we ever took of her.  She and her twin had been abandoned or orphaned so I got to keep her and bottle feed her from very small.  When we brought her back to the flock, she was double the size of her twin brother.

The church at Mugonero Hospital in Rwanda, where my parents worked in the 80's (before the genocide).
Thought I'd throw in a picture of Dee as a baby...cute, isn't she?
Well, that's a hodge-podge of photos if there ever was one!  Perhaps I'll add a few more to it someday.

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