Friday, August 20, 2010

Feeding the Chickens

Excuse me for posting a lot lately, but it's become so much easier to post stuff on blogspot now - especially photos and captions, that I get carried away....
C has been helping me feed the chickens every day for our neighbors who are on vacation for a few days. We go every morning to feed and let them out, then every evening to close them in.  In return they give us eggs!  MOST delicious!
Getting the pen opened.
In their little coop, waiting to get out.
Spreading the corn and mush around
"Here, chickie, chickie, chickie"
I think she chased them all away!

Bye for now.  Next time I'd like to post an article by Andy Nash on the Sabbath which I found interesting.  Do I type the whole thing out, or scan it?  Guess I'll type it as our scanner is on the blink.  Or, maybe I'll find the article on a webpage...ah ha...methinks that might be the way to go....

Happy Sabbath!

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