Thursday, June 23, 2011

Another Hiwassee trip

Well, here are some photos of the beginning and end of the trip down the Hiwassee!  I gave my camera to a friend to keep and didn't see her again until the end!  It was wonderful floating down the river on a perfectly splendid Sabbath afternoon.  Slowly gliding past farms, cottages, fields of corn, cows grazing, kids playing, others floating, glider planes and white fluffy clouds above; clear water with rocks and fish below; is a wonderful way to spend a hot summery day.  The water was refreshing and clean(ish), - you know! - heavenly!

Afterward we had a picnic supper and got to bed rather late - going on 10, I think it was!!

Many of us brought floaties this time, rather than all canoes.

These are the ones we brought - the yellow/blue ones have a little see-through window at the top end to look through at the fish and crawdads below!

At the end we hauled our vehicles back to the top end to collect the top vehicles and have our picnic at Gee Creek campground.

Trying to pack all the stuff into fewer vehicles.

This is at the lower end.

Let's eat!! And yay, no flies this year!
Every time we go on this little excursion, I wish we could do it more often.  Seems like we only get to it about once a year, though.  That HAS to change!!!

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