Thursday, June 23, 2011

McKee Picnic is come round again!

Seems like it was only yesterday that we had our 2010 McKee Foods picnic.  Well, here it is again.  It was a lovely, hot day - and no rain!  Here are pictures to tell the story.

C's favorite "ride" - the giant swing.

A boat hits the water!

This is what they look like, but different colors.

About to go on the alpine something or other.  Not my cup of tea.  A looks positively terrified but still managing a smile!

This is a new theme - though an old ride on the same tracks.  Instead of a haunted house, it's now something about gadgets/technology.

Those ski lift things.

A large thunderhead forming - but it didn't bother us here so all was well.

What fun in the cooling off area.  The kids love it - and so do the adults - we have an excuse to cool off under the cool mist sprays.

They both got pretty wet.

Ferris wheel fun.  They were on seat number 8.
Again, we had a really nice time.  Thank you McKee Foods for a lovely picnic!

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