Saturday, June 25, 2011

Floating down the river.....on a summer afternoon.

I don't know if there's a song by that name but if not, there could be!  Today we floated down the Hiwassee again.  This time, though, we had to contend with 2 thunderstorms along the way.  Fortunately, other than a bit of rain, we didn't have lightning anywhere close.  The closest lightning seemed to be at least 3 miles away.  We paddled to the edge during the rain and stayed there perhaps 15 minutes before things looked bright enough to keep going.

Here are some photos of the trip.

As we started off we saw thunderclouds menacingly down river.

Not too encouraging when we heard thunder in the we keep going or stop?
The first time on the Hiwassee for A.
Having a wonderful time.

These little windows, when filled with water, form a lens to watch the fish, or the river rocks and grass floating beneath.

Someone's brave!

Now someone else is too!  We came through this little misty section which I KNEW would be just GREAT for photos so quickly snapped a few which you'll see here and below.

Steady on the canoe, girls!


Due to the weather, we were almost the only ones on the river.  I saw only one other group way ahead of us.

The Hiwassee is my favourite TN river.

The local corn is thriving.

Picnic supper afterwards.
We left the picnic site at around 9pm and got home almost 10pm!  These late summer evenings are so lovely.  This time I carried the camera with me and was glad I did!

Til next time...Adios!

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