Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mary, Mary....quite contrary....

How does your garden grow?  Again, here are photos. (Lazy, aren't I?)

There was about a month or more where we had very little rain - nice not to have too many weeds, but am thankful for our hose to the well water.

Spinach and beets coming along nicely.  The net is for the ---- deer,  snorken' beasties!

Zucchini is surviving.

So is the yellow squash.

A teeny tomato hitching a ride, it seems.

Everything's growing well.

Even the glads.

These glads are so pretty.

Blackberries!  Me thinks we might have to "net" them as well!

Another kind of zucchini.

A little bit of everything is growing on this hill.

Our nice little garden.  Cucumbers in the foreground.

Some growth is happening. (Compare with picture one)

The kids area is starting to bear fruit.

Getting rather large.

We're starting to eat the spinach now.

Something is starting to eat my tomatoes!  Do deer eat green tomatoes and spit out some of the skin and the top leaves?  Not a trace of anything else was left and I DID see some very suspicious deer hoofprints around those plants!  Dang - we have to do something!!

I'm keeping very quiet about this beautiful cantaloupe.

Is this a watermelon?

Funny shaped peppers.

Again, the deer have about decimated this ocra patch.  This is the day before the dastardly deed!

Something yummy.

Our schizophrenic hydrangea - here it's blue....

and here mauve.  In another place it was also pink last year.

A climbing rose.

A rose by any other still a rose.

Catching the morning sun.

I'm glad to say our garden is doing much better this year than last....Maybe because it rained SO MUCH last year that we couldn't get out in it to DO anything!

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