Saturday, June 11, 2011

Progress continues in Apison

Thought I'd update you on the progress being made in Apison where the large EF4 tornado passed through 6 weeks ago.

Lake's house coming down
This is how it was when we helped at this site on May 30.

Lake's house is gone - this was taken June 1.

Lake's house site - ready to re-build!  First week of June.

Yes, this is the "open house".  The side walls are up! (taken June 1)

Now the roof trusses are on (also taken June 1)!!

Now the roof is on, side walls covered (with something??). Taken June 3
Windows and doors in already

Closer-up of the windows etc. (June 5)

From a distance, and now showing the grass seeding to the back and maybe some other landscaping. (June 10)

A train going by the Quinns property (taken May 29)

Footings for the foundation are starting to be dug here.  You can see the camper the Quinns are living in to the right. (Taken June 1)

Their house goes up amazingly quickly!  And now, for the first time, they have a garage! (taken June 10)

Wow, the roof is on already! The white car to the right was smashed in the tornado.(taken today, June 11)

This shows the whole place there with the camper trailer and all.

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